Wizarding World Plushies by Steiff

Steiff was founded in 1880 by German seamstress and important female entrepreneur Margarete Steiff. She was diagnosed with polio and made toy stuffed animals to keep herself busy during the day, She invented the dancing bear that later on became known as 'Teddy Bear'. Steiff has been making plush toys and collectibles that set the world standard for quality for more than 135 years, The Steiff bear went on to become the most famous and sought after brand of teddy bears. In 1910, Steiff won the Grand Prix at the world exhibition Brussels International 1910 in Belgium. Today, Steiff continues to be considered among the most high-quality toy manufactured in the world and older Steiff toys have become valuable collectibles. Steiff animals are made from mohair, alpaca, cashmere, cotton velvet, wool felt, and valuable woven plush -- a material usually reserved for the high fashion industry. Steiff products are often considered family heirlooms and are passed from generation to generation.

In this video Tjardo shows all Wizarding World Plush by Steiff. From Harry Potter: Hedwig (with moveable head), Buckbeak, keychains Harry, Dobby, Dumbledore and Hedwig! From Fantastic Beasts: Demiguise, Occamy and Niffler. The Newt Scamander suitcase from Cinereplicas is a limited edition, includes a scarf, map and a set of keys. The double layer is controlled by a hidden switch (the name tag) to make the case Muggle Worthy. All products are available at the Olleke Wizarding Store. We are an official stockist of Steiff Europe and United Kingdom. We have also sell Disney and Peter Rabbit Steiff products, as you can see in the video background of this video.

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