Happy Potter Cookbook released

Conjuring up 88 cheerful plant-based recipes step by step.

Olleke has released the cookbook Happy Potter by Olivier Van Gierdeghom. Author Olivier Van Gierdeghom: ‘This book is about food from the magical world of witches and wizards. Herbs, vegetables, grains, fruits and plants play a central role. The book consists mainly of Mediterranean and Eastern dishes that keep your body healthy and is packed with herbs, which most Western diseases hate. I started my plant-based journey 7 years ago and these recipes are my collective results. Each dish is photographed and linked to an iconic film or series. The book is designed with vintage ephemera elements and quirky illustrations of fantastic beasts and magical objects. I hope it will inspire wizards and witches around the world.’

Get ready to wave your wand and conjure up spellbinding happy recipes. From simple spicy lemonade to comforting pasta, there is something for every witch, wizard or culinary alchemist of all skill levels to enjoy. Bring some of the most memorable magical dishes from your fantasy series to life from breakfast to dessert and everything in between.
This book is packed with 88 dairy-free, plant-based and pescetarian recipes. Paired with eye-catching photography, making it easy for you to whip up some magic in your kitchen.
Whether you’re throwing a binge-watching party or hosting members of your witches coven, this cookbook will change your eating lifestyle forever.

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