Magical Sweets from Harry Potter, Willy Wonka and beyond

In this first review of the new year we're exploring our taste buds: Bertie Botts every flavour beans in bags, boxes and unbranded jars, Harry Potter Magical Sweets in bags and as Knight bus Money Box, Harry Potter collectable crest tins, Harry Potter PEZ candy, Wonka Pixy Stixs, Wonka Gobstopper, Pacman candy, Magic 8 ball candy and our exclusive line of Guilty Pleasure Emporium Miracle Fortune Telling Chocolate and Gummy Bears. More candy can be found in our stores and online shop. Follow us or visit us online: Discover new Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products on Olleke, the Wizarding Store of Belgium and the Netherlands. Or visit our UK Wizarding Shop online:


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