Harry Potter Dobby Gifts

In this video Tjardo will review Harry Potter drinking glasses that are available at the Olleke Wizarding Store. Follow us online: https://www.desprookjeswinkel.be or http://fb.com/olleke.be

From The Noble Collection he reviews the Dobby Plush, Dobby with Sock statue, Dobby doorstop, Dobby Magical Creatures Collection. From Half Moon Bay he reviews the amazing Dobby Shopping Bag, popular House Elves are welcome Small Tin Sign, the black with gold glitter Dobby keychain and pin, Dobby vintage drinking mug, Dobby tapered Mug, Dobby black mug with gold coloured handle. From The Carat Shop Dobby earrings, Dobby pin badge and Dobby metal keychain. From Paladone he reviews Dobby black mug with a pair of socks. From Star Ace Figures he reviews Dobby Action Figure. From Funko Dobby vinyl figurine. In this video you also see the Dobby T-shirt from Cotton Division and the life-size Dobby.

Discover new Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts products reviewed by Olleke, the wizarding store in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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