Harry Potter Candy - Trick-or-treat

In this video Tjardo will show the new Harry Potter confections for Olleke, Wizarding Store in Belgium and the Netherlands. Follow us online: https://www.desprookjeswinkel.be or http://fb.com/olleke.be Tjardo will review the Harry Potter Chocolate Wand, Chocolate Creatures, Chocolate Frog, Gummi Creatures, Jelly Slugs, Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans and Chocolate House Crests. Product information - Jelly Slugs and Bertie Botts are vegetarian, however vegans will have issues with the beeswax and shellac used to seal in the flavour and give them their final buff and polish. These products are free of milk, peanut, gluten and are kosher. - Gummi Creatures are peanut free. This product contains gelatine. - Chocolate Frogs, Chocolate Creatures, Chocolate Wands contain milk and soya.


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