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Because unlike other local entrepreneurs we think Brugge (Bruges) has more to offer then Chocolate, Beer, Waffles, French Fries, Mussels, Beer, Chocolate, Lace, More Beer and more Waffles with whipped cream and strawberries dipped in beertasting chocolate. So don't get upset that we do something different! Embrace for what we are: one of a kind.

Because The Noble Collection who produces the wands, robes and almost all Harry Potter movie replica's is based in Belgium and distributes all Harry Potter items throughout Europe. That's why.

Because a lot of grownups in Belgium are superfans of Harry Potter. We sell mostly to locals. They drive accross the country to visit our store.

Because we simply like to sweep you of your feet and leave a hole in your holiday budget. How slytherin of us.

Because they didn't film any part of the movie in Bruges, and they should have ! Our small provincial capital looks so damn fine on screen and IRL. We would have made a perfect Harry Potter-ish setting.

Because we knew you would visit us. So you are very welcome to check us out!

Because doing something unlogical a day releases stress, making you age slower and more beautiful. Proven by Laboratoire Olleke.

Because you're too serious and we are siriusly weird and wonderfull?

Because. Just because we can! Isn't that enough? Why do keep asking this question?

All information about Shipping costs and Delivery times can be found here.

A confirmation email and/or text message will be sent to you after the transaction.

Once your order is shipped you will recieve an e-mail (and/or text message) with your track and trace number. Each time your parcel is scanned, you will recieve a notice. GLS Belgium sents out e-mails with an approximated delivery hour for delivery in Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the Netherlands. We advise you to check your inbox and spambox for this information.

Once an order has been placed, we are unable to make any changes, including updates to delivery information. Please make sure to review your order carefully before submitting it.

Yes. Shipment costs will be calculated upon check-out. We use a fixed charge depending on your country.

Olleke ships to following European countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Belgium.

We also ship to other countries, more information on this page here.

At Olleke we try to reuse as much as possible and keep consumption under control. We reuse 90% of all packaging we receive from our suppliers. All packing lists are printed on PaperWise paper, made from agricultural waste. Our store uses 100% green electricity from day one. We do not print receipt tickets by default. Our shopping bags are compostable and reusable and PVC-free. All packaging and promotional printwork meets this policy. Our carrier GLS is committed to the environment. This includes using resources responsibly and reducing emissions.

Purchasing an Olleke Gift Card

Purchasing an Olleke Gift Card is as simple as purchasing any other product at our store. Just choose the value or a multiplication of 5 EUR and then add it to your Shopping Cart and proceed to Checkout as usual.
You can redeem the gift card in all Olleke shops, events and online.

All information about returns and exchanges can be found here

Yes, keeping your information safe is one of our top priorities. We are certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant. We are very serious about securely hosting and have invested significant time and money to certify our solution is PCI compliant. 

We are PSD2 compliant. We don't surcharge specific payment methods.

All financial data is guaranteed to be stored on extremely well-protected data centers, watched over by our specialised Dutch NOC team. We comply fully with the European Banking Authority’s Guidelines on the security of internet payments and are permanently supervised by the Dutch central bank, DNB.
All information meets the European Privacy Law.

Pricing is subject to change at any time. Sale price adjustments will be honored on items purchased from this webstore that are available at a lower price within 7 days from the shipped date. One-time use promotional code will be sent to the email address provided at the time of order placement and may be used on one future order. The one-time use promotional code is only valid for online orders. While prices are typically the same online and In-Store, there are occasions where prices may vary. When this occurs, price matching between online and In-Store is not available.

We have two shops in Bruges, Belgium. We also have a shop-in-shop in the Netherlands in Maastricht. Please note that our store and website run seamlessly and we can provide a click and collect service and replacement for online orders.

We don't have a store in United Kingdom, we do have an office and warehouse in United Kingdom. Olleke Ltd. is registered in England as a wholesaler.

Call us on +31 851050459, email us or visit our stores.

We hold on to all lost property for a limited time. If you have lost an item whilst visiting our shop, please contact us as soon as possible. Sending lost property out will be subject to postal charges depending upon the size and weight of the package. Olleke accepts no responsibility for lost items.

We accept Maestro, Bancontact, V-Pay, Visa, Visa Debit, ApplePay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, American Express and MasterCard in our shop.

Yes. You'll find the currency dropdown menu on:

- PC / Laptop: top right corner next to 'language'

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You only have to select your currency once to get the cookie. You can always switch back.

Besides Euro we accept :
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By default this site is set in English and Euro. Prices follow the daily Exchange Rate, based on the Euro price. Upon checkout your selected currency will be used, saving you local bank exchange costs.

All shops are located in a historic city center. You can find the address on this page.

- Brugge. It's a 7 minutes walk from the main Railway Station. Follow the water and locate the horse carriages near Begijnhof. You can park your car in Parking Katelijne, Parking Oud Sint-Jan or Parking Station. All parking lots are within 3 to 7 minutes reach.

- Brugge The Unicorn. Located between Groeninge Museum and Arentshof, next to the Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekerk (tallest church of Bruges skyline).

- Maastricht. We are located next to the Tourist Office as a shop-in-shop at JouwMarktKraam Maastricht. It's a five minutes walk to the main Railway Station. You will find multiple parking lots in the area. Please mind that from 11 am you can't access the city center with a car.

- Other locations: see our shop pages for more details.

Yes, you can choose to collect your order in one of our stores upon check-out. You'll find it when you select the shipping method.

No. Having an account makes the process quicker, but you can shop as a guest.

Please use this form to request your personal data stored on our secured servers.

We’ll add one to your packing slip for free! If the order is going as a gift to someone else, you can add this personal message upon check out.

Olleke has your gifts covered! Deliver a present with our Gift Wrap for only €4 extra. If the item in your bag is eligible for gift wrap, click “Add Gift Wrap” upon check out.

We do not make invoices by default because this website is not setup for professional users. It's better to contact us beforehand, when you want to place an order as a professional. Simple provide us your VAT number and the items you want. We'll mail you an invoice with link to pay for it online.

In case you already placed an order, but still need an invoice, please contact us. We will place your order in our accountancy system, where we can recalculate your order, in case you would need Tax back, we will refund the Taxes the same way you paid us. Then we will remove your order from our shop, because we create an invoice for the same order. A secure system will deliver the invoice in PDF into your mailbox. The delivery of this mail contains an invisible tracking code as proof you recieved and opened the e-mail.

When you are visiting our shop in Bruges you can ask for a Tax Free Form.

Standard VAT rate: 21%
Food and books: 6%
Minimum purchase amount: 125 EUR

Who is eligible for Tax Free Shopping?
If you have permanent residence in a non-EU country

How to Shop Tax Free
For more on how to claim your tax refund, including how to fill in the Tax Free Form. click here

Stamping period: Issuing month + 3 months
Validity of stamped Form: 3 years from the issuing date

Tax Free goods:
Refunds are paid on goods that are exported in the traveller’s personal luggage.
Exported goods must be unused.

When you are a Diplomat and purchase 125 Euros or more in our shop in Bruges, we can make you an invoice.

Some people try to buy as much as they can or make a plan to buy at least one item a month. We'll be happy to supply you either way.

We suggest you make a list of the items you want, make a saving plan and check your budget first. Reward your patience and be thankful for the gifts you give and receive.

Yes, you can choose the address of delivery of your liking. When you open up an account you can manage your saved addresses in your address book.

You can login and check the status of your order online. We advise you check your unwanted maps in your inbox before contacting us. We always sent out a confirmation, since it is required by law.

It's not the most international name, but people don't need to be reminded of our name after hearing it once.

Native English speakers pronouce it as OO-LEK-KEH and that's not bad. They emphasize on the first letter.

But should be more like the beginning when you say 'Olly' and sounds like Oll luh kuh.
Here is a audio file to assist you:

We don't really mind if you got it wrong, unless you are Dutch speaking. That wouldn't make any sense. So why did we teach you? You asked!

There are several ways to define 'Olleke'. One: it's a Dutch version of 'Olly', a nick for Oliver. Olleke is owned by Oliver, so we could have been 'Olly' or 'Oliver's'. Second: It's the first word of a riddle. Like 'Eenie' from 'Eenie Meenie Miney Mo'. Third:  In the Dutch dialect of West-Flanders 'Olle' means 'every' like in the words 'everyone' (ollemolle) and 'everything' (olles). As you may know the Dutch language uses a lot of diminutives. Extensions -ke, -tje, -pje, -je, -nkje, -etje at the end of a word, are ways to make a Dutch word more adorable and tiny. In a way these words makes people smile and bring joy, just like the Japanese discription Kawaii. So Olle-ke is petite and we have something that everyone loves and everyone wants. That's how we define Olleke. Cuteness overload.

We try to reflect the life experiences of our audience by helping people enrich their imagination and be faithfull to create an enduring magical experience. We value and encourage curiosity, innovation, and ideas from everyone.

Olleke empathizes the needs of specific target groups; such as autists, children of divorced parents, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people.

As a company we support and get involved with local organisations that help volunteers in the care sector and youth work. We truly believe voluntary work enriches your life.

No. You can choose between e-mail or phonenumber to place an order. Customers who choose to enter a phone number instead of an email address receive their order confirmation and shipping updates by SMS to their mobile phone.You can't create an account using only your phone number.

Text confirmations to a mobile, don't always work because you can't use a local number or spaces or points or brackets between the numbers. We advise you using your international code (0032 for Belgium) (0031 for the Netherlands), (0044 for England) leave out the first zero and then your local number without any spaces, points of other symbols between the numbers. A Text Order confirmation is sent out within five minutes after you placed an order.

Yes, the prices are the same online as they are at our physical stores or when we attend a Fair.

As soon as you discover a fault, please email our customer service team. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

When you choose to pay with a credit card, like Visa or Mastercard credit, you can buy using your credit.

Yes. You can redeem another gift card during checkout if you have multiple gift cards, online and in our shops in Brugge.

There is a 'very low risk' of the virus spreading through mail that is “shipped over a period of days at ambient temperatures.” Some countries in lock-down don't accept packages to reduce the human contact between couriers and customers. If you are able to receive packages, keep a social distance and wash your hands after handling your parcel.

Scientists discovered that the Covid-19 virus can survive 24 hours on carton and 72 hours on plastic surfaces. Most European countries advice to wash your hands after handling your package with regular water and soap, just to be safe. Some countries advice to leave your package unopened for 72 hours.

The scientific evidence suggests that the virus is inactivated by heat (for food delivery), alcohol (other products) and soap+water (for clothing). Just in case you can't wait 72 hours...

Enkel wanneer je pakket minder dan 30kg weet en kleiner is dan 32 x 43 x 58 cm past het in een Cubee locker.
Onze toverstokken worden verzonden in dozen van 60 x 10 x 10 cm en zijn dus te groot. Omleiden kan naar een ophaalpunt in uw buurt, wanneer u zelf niet thuis kunt zijn. Leveren op een andere datum is ook mogelijk.

No. When placing an order you're committed. You have the right to return the item within 14 days, after you have received it. Belgian law states a customer is not allowed to cancel an order that hasn't been delivered.

Product sold in our brick-and-mortar shops can't be returned. We do not have a window of several days to return items. When a product is returned the same day, we make the exception to change the original amount paid for something else.

In case you bought something online and wish to return this item in our shop, instead of shipping it to us, this is only possible in our store in Bruges within 14 days. We'll process it as an online return.

Gift cards can't be returned or refunded, online and in store.

Yes they do. Chocolate Frog Cards (also known as Famous Witches and Wizards Cards) are trading cards that display pictures of famous witches and wizards and give small amounts of information about them. The Cards are obtained by buying Chocolate Frogs, the container of which has a random card inside.

Chocolate Frog - with authentic film packaging (Themepark Exclusive, pentagonal packaging)

A delicious frog shaped confection of solid milk chocolate, each 150g piece comes in an ornately decorated pentagonal box with wizard card. Cards exhibit 3 dimensional movement. The randomly distributed Chocolate Frog Card™ will include a biography of either a Hogwarts™ House Founder: Godric Gryffindor™, Salazar Slytherin™, Helga Hufflepuff™, and Rowena Ravenclaw™ or Hogwarts™ Headmaster Albus Dumbledore™, Gilderoy Lockhart™, Hengist of Woodcroft, Bertie Bott™, Jocunda Sykes, Devlin Whitehorn or Garrick Ollivander™.

This item is exclusive for the themeparks and for Europe production takes place in Germany. It's one of the bestselling products of the themepark.

Chocolate Frog Replica

The Noble Collection Chocolate Frog replica always comes with the Albus Dumbledore card. The frog and case is made from plastic. They also have a plush version, keychain version and ceramic replica.

This item is produced in China.

Chocolate Frog with crisped rice (rectangular packaging)

JellyBelly, the American company behind the famous beans, produces Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs. The old packaging was purple and contained ONE of the 16 illustrated Witches and Wizards. They are not produced anymore.

The newest white packaging contains Collectible Wizard cards simular to the moving photos from the pentagonal packaging. One of which will be included in your Chocolate Frog package: Albus Dumbledore,  Hengist of Woodcroft, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, Gilderoy Lockhart, Godric Gryffindor, Rowena Ravenclaw and Jocunda Sykes.

This item is produced in Thailand and imported for Europe through Germany. Distribution in Belgium started early 2017.

Luna's first wand was made from oak and decorated with acorns. You can't buy Luna's first wand seperately. At this point it is not sold in a single box as an official product, anywhere. Only her second wand (the darker Tulip shaped one) is sold as a single.

Her first wand is still produced as part of Dumbledore Army Wand Collection. The only way to posses an official replica of her wand is to buy this item. The only reason (but this is just a wild guess) is that this item could be less sold because all the other wands are available as a single, making Luna's first wand an exclusive attribute of this product.

The first wand of Bellatrix is sold along with her deatheaters mask in miniature scale and a fancy wall display. You can find it here.

In the Warner Bros Studio Tour and Universal Studios her wand is sold in a plain grey wand box. The item is exclusive for the theme parks. The Noble Collection procuded her wand in a single blister packaging, without name tag and wand box, as a mass market product. As we are a store for collectors, we don't sell these cheaper looking versions. The 'broken' snatcher wand of Harry Potter is very simular, it's just missing a black coating.

No they are not. The heat-sensitive paint used for heat and cold colour changing products will peel off when it's heated at ultra high temperature or placed in a dishwasher. Usually the image will have cracks, bubbles between the two layers of stop changing color after incorrect use. You loose your guarantee on the product, as this safe guide is mentioned on the packaging of your product.

Wash your mugs and drinking glasses by hand with a regular dishwasher detergent. Heat change takes place when the liquid is 60°C or more. Cold change will take will take when the liquid is a few degrees lower then room temperature. You can add ice cubes to hold the effect for a longer time.

In our shop you'll find only official products, so you don't have to worry about this. But when you have doughts, it's always a good idea to google and see if any other webshops sell the same product. Some large webshops do sell products created by fans.  In that case it's unofficial.

Almost all products have a copyright or trademark claim on the packaging or on the product itself. This claim mentions Warner Bros, Disney, ... sometimes the packaging has a holographic sticker. Every product in Europe must mention the address of the company who produced the item, in case something would be wrong. In most European countries the packaging must state where the product is produced. If this information is not on the package and no other (official) online store sells the item it's likely to be fake.

In general most Harry Potter products come in a white packaging with Daily Prophet text on (products designed in 2018 come in blue and parchement packaging and products before that have a random look).

The Hogwarts House colours are not specified in the official guidelines for each coloursystem and that's why you will see a lot of different shades in apparel, notebooks, pins because it's not specified by Warner Bros. Brighter versions of crest colours are sold and produced to/by more Medditerranean countries. In Northern Europe the colours are saturated and have a more vintage look.

You may always email us to see if we can provide the same item for your convenience on our site.
Please note that we only sell official licensed products.

If one of our products is out of stock we will have it on order to our warehouse, meaning it will likely be back in with the next delivery. Sometimes there may be a shortage from our manufacturing plant so products will be out of stock for longer, from weeks to months. If this is the case then unfortunately we won’t be able to provide you with details of its return.

We are unable to provide name clips or wand boxes separately from the wands. The name clips come with the Character wands only, not with the Ollivander’s wands.

We sell Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Soda in bottles in our stores in Bruges, this is an American product. Comes in a pack of four bottles. We don't ship the item, because our carrier doesn't ship liquids.

Apparel sold in our shop is only in adult sizes, the smallest size is XS.

The only product that we sell in a 'Children Size' are Hogwarts ties and the Wizard Robes. Stock in XS is limited or has to be pre-ordered.

The only product we have so far for babies is the Harry Potter bodysuit set.

No due to technical reasons it's not possible to break every wand in the same way and repair them. A replica needs to look true to the original and for this wand it was not possible in production. However, you can buy the unbroken version. We don't take responsibility for your intentions to snap and repair it.

Keep jewellery away from water, lotions, sunscreen and store it away from (direct) sunlight in a dry place.
Clean and polish your
jewellery with a dry cloth.

For your peace of mind, all Couture Kingdom (Disney) and The Carat Shop / Swarovski (Harry Potter) products are sold with a 12 month repair or replacement warranty. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure. You are also entitled to have the goods repaired or replaced if the goods fail to be of acceptable quality.


Every product looks like it appears on our screens. But all screens are different. This means colours and tones of actual products could look different to what you see on your screen. Apart from colour and tone, they’ll be exactly the same.

Some larger objects are scaled down (ex. Mirror of Erised) compared to the movie version for economic and transport reasons.

Olleke is an official stockist of Funko. We buy vinyl Pop figures from Funko Europe. Each week we recieve a list of items in stock and get news of items that will be released in the future. When a certain figure is sold out, it takes a few months before it's reproduced. A batch of one figure is around 13.000 pcs and ships from Vietnam or China.

Larger companies order a container of each figure. Making it possible that the desired item comes in stock at a major supermarket, but is still unavailable for us.

When an item sells slow it's not likely to be reproduced. These products can be sold to discounters at a low price.

People get upset when a pre-order doesn't arrive on time. That's why we only sell Funko POP!'s we have in store and don't use pre-orders for this brand. When a 'sold out' POP is still online, it means it will be back in stock after a few months. You can use the 'out of stock' notice. When we recieve the item, you are the first to get a notice it's in. We remove all items that won't come back in stock.

We sell exclusives that may be sold in Europe.

Funko makes deals with mainly American, British, Australian and Canadian brands for exclusive and bespoke items. These products are not to be sold outsite this area. The only way to buy it as a customer is to go through an international online store that is willing to sell it directly.

Sometimes the same POP! comes in stock for Europe as a 'special edition'. The figure is the same as the 'exclusive' but the packaging has no stickers to claim it or has different stickers on the packaging.

Exclusives are not announced, so we don't know beforehand. The stock is limited or restricted to one box of 6pcs.

A pre-order is an item we don't have in stock, but you can pre-order it. There are 3 reasons

  1. We had stock, but the last item is sold in one of our shops and we have to re-order it.
  2. It's a new product that we have ordered, but it hasn't been released yet. Look for 'ETA' to get an estimated time of arrival.
  3. We order the item especially for you, but we won't order it ourself by default, because it's too large or too expensive or too specific (like a ring size). Depending on the product you could ask us an ETA.

If needed we can suggest products. Please contact us and mention your budget, the age of the person the gift is for and the occasion.

But then again, the wand chooses the wizard. Although most people start a wand collection with Dumbledore (the elder wand), Hermione, Harry and Voldemort. If it's the second wand you might consider Snape, Sirius, Luna Lovegood, Ginny Weasley.

If you are uncertain about the wands, go for Bertie Botts, Chocolate Frogs and Hogwarts or Dobby themed items. You'll be save, even if your a muggle who knows nothing about Harry Potter! Oh and don't go for Gryffindor theme if you really have no idea what to get. You should leave the sorting over to the Sorting Hat.

Yes. We have Disney wallets, purses, coin bags and handbags of the brands Loungefly, Diffuzed, Bioworld and Half Moon Bay. You can find it here.

Not specifically. We do sell Harry Potter blank cards designed by Mina Lima.

Yes, we have several themes and classical movie themes. You can find all these items here.

From Disney we have: Aladdin, Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Star Wars, The Lion King, Snowwhite, Toy Store and It's a small world.

From Harry Potter we've house themed the boxes: Prologue (Gryffindor), Hedwig (Ravenclaw), Quidditch Match (Huffelpuff) and Double Trouble (Slytherin). We will release a fifth winter edition end of 2019.

Yes, as you know he had to give his wand to Voldemort to test the loyalty of him and the wand. After this he has a very modest wand that looks like a copy of Molly Weasleys' wand.

His black wand with the snake comes with a walking stick. This cane can be found here. (Update June 2020: out of stock, no ETA). Due to the size and weight it isn't sold separately.

The second wand can be found here. Check out all Lucius Malfoy products on our site.

All notebooks are ruled. Blank notebooks are rare, at this point only the replica of Tom Riddle Diary is blank. But that's not an ideal sketchbook, is it?

As a wizard you are responsible for your wand.

As a muggle you get no guarantee that your wand will work.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Lucky for you,we have plenty of different wands, in case something should go wrong.

The Art Director of the Harry Potter Films made a master copy of each final designed wand, made a mould and replace it in resin. Duplicates were used on the set and reproduced in case a wand broke and rubber versions were made for stunt work. All the wands you see in the movies are made entirely from resin.

Resin is a solid substance of synthetic origin that is convertible into polymers, giving the object a certain weight. Resin in liquid form is semi transparent, like the resin coming-out of a tree bark. Unlike plastic, resin weights more and breaks when you drop it, so be carefull with it. After the liquid is poured into a mould, like plaster, it turns out a white colour. The resin wand is overpainted by hand to make accurate reproductions. Detailed props out of wood would be incredibly expensive, because no piece of wood is the same. Some companies produce 'Harry Potter' wands out of wood, most of them are a bit chunky to reduce breaking points in the wood, but these products are unofficial whetever they claim.

You can make your own wand. The perfect size of a wooden wand should be the lenght of your pointing finger till your inner elbow. You should ask permission of the tree before cutting a branch to make your wand. Sand and Polish the wood or leave some of the bark and decorate it with your own symbols, colours or other ornaments. You can make a small hole with a hidden place into the core, where you can store some unicornhair or phoenix feather.

If your a wizard: absolutely. Isn't that nice!

Yes we do. We have Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore and from September 2019 also Voldemort. You can find them here.

The chocolate used for the chocolate wands, are more like a Belgian quality, where the chocolate of the frogs doesn't meet our standards.

Well, you will need a lot of black fabric to make a robe. Based on a fabric length of 1m35, you will need aprox. 6 meter of black fabric to make the L size robe, the tapered arms, the pointy hat, inner wand pocket and 3 meter of house colour fabric for the inner part of the robe and inner part of the attached hat. You will also need a house crest shield patch, two black fabric buttons and a black elastic band.

Ofcourse, you can also buy the product from our store.

Yes, all slider charms of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and Disney are compatible with Pandora bracelets. We do sell Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts bracelets if you need one.

Yes, we do. If you are a collector of BTS, Steiff, Doctor Who, Jurassic Park, Fortnite, Sailor Moon, Warhammer, My Little Pony, Totoro, Pokémon, Power Puff Girls, Peanuts or even Twilight. Please inquire if we have some items or a specific product by mail

On this website you only see almost 5000 products out of more then 28.000 different products we can buy. If we can find your product, we'll sell it at the official price. When the item is a pre-order we'll inform you when it's expected to arrive.

Due to limited space we only sell Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit merchandise in Olleke Bruges (The Unicorn).

We usually have the etched, unetched and etched on both sides of the 'one ring' in stock in ring size 10 (19,8mm). Please check our stock online.

All other ring sizes need to be pre-ordered. Each of the five colours (gold, silver, steel, black, blue) come in two variations (regular and rotating), available in 10 ring sizes. We don't keep 100 different 'one ring' items in stock, neither does the supplier. When a specific ring size is in stock it takes 10 days before we recieve it, when the size is out of stock, it takes 8-12 weeks.

Lucky you. Our ultimate wand guide will help you choose.

We all have some aspects of each house, but there is always one that is dominant. You are sorted based on traits you idealize, admire or have inside of you that need to be drawn out. Percy was in Gryffindor rather than Slytherin because he needed to be reminded of the importance of bravery rather than having his ambition groomed. Hermione was in Gryffindor because she needed to learn that books and rules aren’t the most important thing in the world. Luna is a Ravenclaw because she values individualism and creativity, rather then being intelligent. Hufflehuffs are kind by nature or need to work on this skill. There is no wrong or right house to be in, since everthing in nature is balanced out perfectly. You just have to stay true to yourself.

When Lily Potter gave up her life to protect her son, she unknowingly placed a “love protection” spell on Harry which protected him from Voldemort. Since Voldemort was conceived while his father was under a love spell, Tom is unable to feel/understand love in any form - which is why this sacrifice protected Harry from him. When Petunia put her child with her sister aside to accept her orphaned nephew into her home, she sealed that “love protection” which made it impossible for both Voldy and his death eaters to find him whilst in the muggle world (until the seventh book when the Dursleys fled their home, and Harry leaves it with no intention of returning to it. Which is why he always had to return during summer break).

 After they exit the Chamber of Secrets, Gilderoy Lockhart is transported to St Mungo’s (the Wizarding hospital). The Wizarding World doesn’t really have any way of treating or caring for those with mental health problem, so wizards like Lockhart (and Neville’s parents, who we meet in this chapter as well), get sent to the hospital. So the wizards just kind of sit there. Neville’s parents were tortured into insanity and when we meet his parents, they are incoherent and keep on giving Neville gum wrappers. His transportation to St Mungo's was left out of the filmscript.

Voldemort hates muggles. Everything about them, therefore he would never even consider getting the job done the muggle way. So he attempts to kill the baby with magic, which epically backfires. And from a writing perspective you don't have much to tell if your main character dies (unless he is reborn or memorised by his loved ones or becomes a vampire or creature that keeps on living).

The actual reason the position cannot stay filled is because Voldemort cursed the position. When he was still Tom Riddle, he was after the job himself but was denied and, as we all know, he does not take losing well. So he placed a curse/jinx on the position, which was lifted in 1998 when he died. We believe Hogwarts has a job opening.

Dementors feed equally off innocent and guilty people in Azkaban. Dementors only joined Voldemort after his return. When he returned to a body, he said the Dementors ‘will join’ them (the Deatheaters), indicating they hadn’t already joined them before. Dementors have no true loyalty. They aren’t reluctant to feed on ‘evil’ or ‘dark’ people in general. They’re equally willing to feed off of Death Eaters as they are anyone else. Though the Dark Lord says the Dementors are their natural allies, this doesn’t mean that they’re truly loyal to him or won’t feed on Death Eaters or should set him free if Voldemort would be imprisoned - it only means that they’d be willing to join him because he’d supply them with more victims than they could either get from working with the Ministry remaining on their own.

More then 70 languages. For a list see here.

Some translations, such those to the extinct Latin and Ancient Greek languages, were done as academic exercises.  In some countries the book has been translated into several local languages or two dialects of the same language.

In translation your Gryffindor house is called Rohkelikko in Finnish, Slytherin is Zwadderich in Dutch, Ravenclaw is Serdaigle in French, Huffelpuff is Tassorosso in Italian. It's quite confusing, because also personal names and names of animals are translated.

For Dutch translations see this list.

For a list in French see this list.

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The end doesn't knock but will presents itself and it's inevitable you will reach it.